Outside Mount Wood Finch Nestbox

Outside Mount Finch Nestbox - Ware
Wooden Finch Nestbox - Outside Mount

For finches - 6.75" tall x 5.25 w x 6" deep

Some Finches prefer these nests, more natural but easy to get in to band the babies!

Birds like the the cozy dark comfort of these nests

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Quality Construction!

Natural Wood Finish

Great Finch Nestbox for Zebra Finches, society finches and similar sized birds!

Complete with perch area and easy access door!


OutsideProduct Info-Outside Mount Wooden Finch Nestbox Outside Wooden Finch Nestbox
Ware Manufacturing Inside Mount Finch nestbox with natural wood finish. Quality construction. Complete with Perch area, no hanging hardware is included.